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We are so pleased that you have visited our page! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our organization!


The Four E Mission

The 4E Youth Organization seeks to transform the lives of youth impacted by intergenerational poverty and gang violence through it's innovative programs that provide the opportunity to gain skills, knowledge, guidance, and the support of mentors, to empower young people to create a bright future.

About our Founder

Roxeann Cobb

Roxeann started Four E Youth in 2019 when she saw the need to provide the youth in her community, not only a safe place to go when they weren't in school, but opportunities that they may not otherwise experience. She began simply by volunteering her time and funding outings and activities on her own. In 2020 Four E Youth became a 501c3. Also that year, Roxeann was named volunteer of the year and Four E Youth, civic organization of the year by the Washington-Wilkes Chamber of Commerce. Educational opportunities, activities and events are possible through donations by generous individuals, businesses and non-profit entities. 

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